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Words I've met this week

Words come into your life for a reason. I’m convinced it is so.

Dictionary flipping.  Credit: StockSnap at Pixabay.com

Dictionary flipping. Credit: StockSnap at Pixabay.com

Think about it: Ever get that feeling after meeting someone, that feeling of serendipity, that feeling of “This must have been fate”?  This can also happen with animals. And places.

And sometimes situations…like finding yourself outside in the woods during an insane lightning storm, and managing to run home, where you arrive soaking wet, with heart pounding, scratches and dirt and poison ivy covering you from head to toe, without being struck by any of the electric bolts that violently pierced the Earth around you. Yes, this has happened to me, and I learned a lot from it—like how storms move, that I’m even faster than I thought, and, most importantly, check the weather before you leave the house.

While I’m not sure, at least not yet, why the following words, names and phrases have popped into my life over the past week, they’re the lot I’ve been given. I’ve encountered them in my writings, readings and conversations. Here they are (not a complete list, and not alphabetized per se, but some that stand out) listed in the order I could remember them, from Aedes aegypti to ‘zines:

Aedes aegypti, addiction, air pollution, Arenal,

birding, Borrelia mayonii, byline, Bosnia,

climate change, conservation, coding, CRISPR-cas9,

dogs, debate, dengue, deserts,

Einstein, education, environment, endocrine disruptors,

fishing, fitness, fortunate, funerals,

goldfish, Gram, Gatun Lake, groundwater,

hippies, hippos, history, half-life,

iguanas, interest rate, ibis, Ipanema, 

jokes, junco, James Hansen, jail breaking, 

kayaking, keys, kangaroos, kissing,

lemons, London, loss, lost,

microplastics, malaria, microcephaly, marathon,

nuclear radiation, niche, nerds, newts, 

Olympic trials, oysters, organic chemistry, Occam's Razor,

photography, Porter Ranch, presidents, Psalms,

quiet, quickness, qualms, quarks,

running, road trips, redesign, Red-tailed hawks,

SATs, studying, science, sneakers,

trilobites, triggers, taxonomy, teaching,

underground, unity, Uruguay, undercover,   

viruses, vegan, vertigo, Venus,   

window collisions, waxwings, warblers, wildlife,

Xavier, x-rays, Xerox, X-training,

Yap Island, yellow fever, Yorkshire, yoga,

Zadroga Act, zoos, Zika, ‘zines.

Lingering thoughts:

  • What are some of the words have you encountered in the last 7 days?
  • Why do you think you've used, heard or read these words?
  • What's your favorite word?