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April reflections

It's the perfect month to pay some extra thought to the planet and the words we use to describe it.

Costa Rica Vista.  Credit: Erica Cirino, 2014

Costa Rica Vista. Credit: Erica Cirino, 2014

This April marks the 20th anniversary of National Poetry Month, the 46th anniversary of Earth Day—which falls on April 22—in the U.S.

Since 1990 Earth Day’s gone global, and the whole month of April has been deemed “Earth Month”: 30 days to do good by the environment.

While I think people should be kind to the Earth on a daily basis, and should partake in poetic pursuits as much as possible, there’s no debating April is a pretty celebratory month. (I mean…the month kicks off with a holiday, even if said holiday is all about kidding around. Really.)

In honor of poems and the planet, I’ll leave you with a little something I pulled from the archives. I wrote it precisely seven Aprils ago.

While a little bleak, it’s honest and observational, and I hope it makes you pause for a moment and think—think about how you can do better by the environment. Because this place we call home is in a lot of trouble.


By Erica Cirino (April 2009)

Beach trail.  Credit: Erica Cirino

Beach trail. Credit: Erica Cirino

In a time not so long ago,

The earth, a sphere of green and blue,

Spun quietly aglow.


Creatures sheltered by trees tall,

Sprawling plains, snowy mountain peaks—

How could this perfect planet ever fail?


Until one day, thing in this place went awry,

A new mysterious creature emerged

On two legs; havoc it would wreak nigh.


And so the reign of terror did start,

As the other animals of the Earth looked on

And saw their peaceful world fall apart.


Pulled up by the roots, plants were scattered,

Fauna killed for food;

Only the new creature’s happiness mattered.


The new creature has only destruction on its mind,

The indifference it displays is typical,

An intrinsic flaw of human kind.

Lingering thoughts:

·      What Earth-friendly activities and actions are you doing this Earth month?

·      What poetry are you reading for National Poetry Month?

·      Are you more of a poet, or an environmentalist, and why?