WRITER, ARTIST, Wildlife rehabilitator


Artwork...in progress!

Lately I've been writing so much that it's been easy for me to forget to carve out time for creating art. Having both of these activities in my life are as necessary to me as breathing. I'm planning on setting up a shop here on my website sometime this summer for y'all to purchase my works and ask for commissioned pieces (if you are interested in the meantime, please feel free to shoot me an email).

In any case, check out this piece I'm currently working on!

Credit: Erica Cirino, watercolor pencil, graphite

Credit: Erica Cirino, watercolor pencil, graphite

I was writing about coral reefs and thinking about all the wildlife that live in these incredibly important ecosystems materialized in my mind. So I sketched then began to watercolor the creatures that were swimming in my mind.

It was so amazing to get back to art after a long hiatus, like putting on a favorite bracelet you haven't worn in a while. It's part of you that you'll never lose, but need to remember to show. 

I make art because the Earth without art is just "Eh."