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Erica goes to Denmark

This past Saturday, I stepped onto European land for the first time in my life: Denmark. I'm here to do some scientific research for my Go and See speaking tour and stories about plastic, meet up with sailing friends and of course, explore.

I've settled into my new "home" in Nørrebro, a really beautiful part of Copenhagen, living on the fourth floor of a five-story walk-up apartment building. 

Foosa isn't the biggest fan of all the stairs, but she seems to be settling in just fine.

We're close to shops, cafés and just a minute's jog from a series of five lakes, each about a mile in diameter. Their dirt paths are perfect for running and dog walking. I have the feeling I'm going to come back to the U.S. in really good shape. 

I've only lived abroad once before, for a few weeks in Costa Rica. I've also lived off the grid on a sailboat for more than three weeks which is virtually the same thing; being so isolated you might as well be on another continent, or even another planet. In any case, I'm liking this whole life abroad thing. 

Learning a new culture–new mannerisms, language, cuisine, lifestyle–is rewarding. It puts you outside of yourself, opens your eyes to the way others live and current events in other countries. With the political climate of the U.S. currently in full-freakout mode, I'm quite grateful to be away for a while. While I still read about my country's news online, I'm far enough away from the real thing physically that it makes me less anxious. That said, I'm still working hard to change the way things are going, and being away is making that a lot easier.

With that said, I'll get back to work. I'm currently working on a few science stories that I need to wrap up so I can get back outside and do some serious adventuring. And maybe grab an øl. 

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