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From the sea to the lab: Photographing plastic pollution science in action

Hey world! It’s been a while, but I took a little blogging hiatus for good reason: I’ve been super busy! This summer, I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am now based as a freelance writer and artist. Here I have also spent time as a guest researcher at Roskilde University where I’m studying plastic pollution. One of the first projects I’ve gotten my hands on is the processing of the many samples of plastic collected by my Danish scientist and sailor friends around the world. I’ve published many stories, photographs and a video (with another coming soon) detailing my work at sea covering their work and that of others on the front lines of Earth’s plastic pollution crisis.

While my preferred place to report is from the deck of a sailboat, I also very much enjoy my time spent in the lab. And it’s been extremely interesting to witness the samples I saw being collected at sea processed in the lab. Talk about déjà vu! You can read more about my experience in this blog post, which I wrote for the Safina Center.

Take a peek into the lab: Check out the following images of S/Y Christianshavn Captain Torsten Geertz at work in the lab. Geertz is working with nonprofit Plastic Change and Roskilde University scientist Kristian Syberg, who also sailed with us, to process the samples. Lab techs Katja Lynnerup Hansen and Anne Busk Faarborg provided us with essential knowledge and support and we are very grateful for the opportunity to better understand our oceans!

All photos: ©Erica Cirino

Erica Cirino