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A Monday tradition & a search for childhood relics: Part I

My Monday mornings are, like most mornings, pretty routine: Roll out of bed around 6-6:30 or so, brush teeth, get dressed, pull on a pair of beat-up sneakers, pop in some ear-buds, switch on my iPod and head out the door for a long walk with my Alaskan malamute. When we return home, my head is clear, my dog is tired and it’s time to get to work.

Monday mornings stand out slightly because they’re my time to listen to the latest episode of This American Life, a weekly hour-long public radio show that investigates, well, aspects of “American life.” You’ve probably heard of it.

This two-part post is inspired by an episode of TAL that was rebroadcast last week: "Home Movies." It's all about searching for and understanding childhood relics.

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