WRITER, ARTIST, Wildlife rehabilitator

interviews and appearances

Photo: The moon over Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia, 2018. ©Erica Cirino


Guest on NPR - WSHU, All Things Considered. “All-female crew sails the Atlantic to study women’s health.” Air Date: September 19, 2019. Listen here.

Guest on NPR - WSHU, The Full Story. “How Marine Life is Changing.” Air Date: May 28, 2019. Listen here.

Guest on NPR - WSHU, The Full Story. “An Environmental Review.” Air date: April 26, 2019. Listen here.

Science expert for BBC World News. Story: "Hawaii to ban certain sunscreens harmful to coral reefs." Television air date: May 4, 2018. Watch here.

Guest on My Science Story Podcast by Brandon Timm. Air date: January 12, 2018. Listen here.  

Guest on Green Inside and Out Radio Show on WUSB 90.1FM. Air date: July 21, 2017. Listen here

Guest on NPR - WCAI Woods Hole, Living Lab Radio. Story: "Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch." Air date: January 23, 2017. Listen here


“Un Oceano di plastica” di Erica Cirino al Coliving di Casa Netural / “An Ocean of Plastic” Erica Cirino’s talk at Casa Netural. Casa Netural. May 2019. Read here.

Dunaief, D. “For Erica Cirino, every day is Earth Day.” TBR News Media. April 18, 2019. Read here.

Jochum, G. “Do animals think and feel?” Stony Brook University News. February 22, 2019. Read here.

Waldbieser, J. “Your fish could be contaminated with palstic. Men’s Health. November 14, 2018. Read here.

Jochum, G. "Environmental journalist Erica Cirino '15 finds solace in nature." Stony Brook Matters Alumni Magazine. April 17, 2017. Read here.